Mr. Niti Osathanugrah

Mr. Niti Osathanugrah

Director, Member of the Nomination, Remuneration, Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee, Member of the Executive Committee, Member of the Risk Management Committee, Authorized Director

Relationship with other Directors and Executives

  • Son of Mr. Surin Osathanugrah
  • Uncle of Mr. Natee Osathanugrah
  • Cousin of Mr. Ratch Osathanugrah
  • Cousin of Mr. Thana Chaiprasit
  • Cousin of Mr. Pratharn Chaiprasit
  • Cousin of Mr. Tasharin Osathanugrah


  • Master of Arts in Economic Law, Chulalongkorn University
  • Bachelor of Economics and Political Science, Amherst College, US

Training of Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)

  • Director Certification Program (DCP) 253/2018
  • Audit Committee Program (ACP) 42/2013
  • Monitoring the Quality of Financial Reporting (MFR) 17/2013
  • Monitoring Fraud Risk Management (MFM) 9/2013
  • Board Reporting Program (BRP) 10/2013
  • Monitoring the System of Internal Control and Risk Management (MIR) 15/2013
  • Successful Formulation & Execution of Strategy (SFE) 18/2013
  • Company Secretary Program (CSP) 49/2013
  • Monitoring the Internal Audit Function (MIA) 14/2013
  • Company Reporting Program (CRP) 5/2013
  • Role of the Compensation Committee (RCC) 13/2011
  • The Board’s Role in Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) 1/2011
  • DCP Refresher Course 2/2009
  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP) 27/2004

Professional Experience During The Past 5 Years

Position as Director/Executive in other listed companies in SET

2019 - Present
Member of the Risk Management Committee, Minor International PCL
2018 - Present
Director, Minor International PCL
2004 - 2018
Director, Member of the Risk Management Committee and Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Charn Issara Development PCL

Position in other companies/businesses

2021 - Present
Member of ASEAN and East Asia Committee and Member of Retail and Services Committee, The Thai Chamber of Commerce
2017 - Present
Director and Member of Tax, Law and Regulation Committee, The Thai Chamber of Commerce
2017 - 2020
Member of the Risk Management Committee, The Thai Chamber of Commerce
2020 - Present
Director, Tokio Marine Safety Insurance (Thailand) PCL
2019 - Present
Member of Finance Committee, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
2015 - Present
Managing Director, Pichaisawat Co., Ltd.
2015 - Present
Managing Director, Bangkok Rinvest Co., Ltd.
2012 - Present
Director, Osathanugrah Foundation
1991 - Apr 2022
Director, Osathanugrah Holding Co., Ltd.
2004 - 2020
Director, Safety Insurance PCL